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Zone valves and Terminal unit valves Controlli - Italy

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Zone valves and Terminal unit valves Controlli - Italy


Model: V.XT

Thương hiệu: Controlli

Xuất xứ: Italy



Brass valve body PN16 and Fortron plug with EPDM double OR and 5,5mm stroke. V.XT series valves are used for hot and chilled water control in two- or four-pipe fan coil units, zone plants, solar plants, small re-heaters and dehumidifi ers, in electric/electronic temperature control systems. They are motorized by Controlli MVT actuators. V.XT valves without the actuator are normally closed (with reference to the direct way). The plug with double EPDM OR ensures tight close-off on both straight and angle way in all V.XT models. The valve tight close-off with ΔP max is guaranteed by the valve spring, even without actuator.




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