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Crane Dominator (PICV + Bypass + FMD + Drain Valve or Strainer)

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Crane Dominator (PICV + Bypass + FMD + Drain Valve or Strainer)


Hệ thống điều khiển lưu lượng Dominator của Crane là những đơn vị được sản xuất và lắp đặt sẵn các thiết bị điều khiển cần thiết và kết nối với hệ thống đường ống liên kết với terminal unit (FCU), trở thành một bộ nhỏ gọn, cài đặt và test đầy đủ để có thể lắp đặt nhanh chóng và dễ dàng ở công trường.



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Introducing The New Dominator Peak Pro
The Dominator Peak Pro is a compact and modular valve system that combines the Peak Pro Pressure Independent Control Valve (D995) for accurate flow, temperature and pressure control.
•    40mm pipe centres to fit Fan Coil Units & Chilled Beams
•    Equal lengths for ease of fitting
•    Highly configurable design to suit horizontal and vertical pipe arrangments
•    Accommodates reduced drip tray length solder or compression adaptors 15 & 22mm
•    BSRIA flushing version with full bore for effective flushing velocity
This light weight unit is supplied with an integral Venturi metering station for an improved flow range, equal lengths through union connections and the ability to orientate the valve on-site for an easier and faster install. 
The Dominator Peak Pro has been designed to deliver and maintain a system which closes the performance gap and enables energy and cost reduction over its lifetime. Every valve is subject to both a pressure test, in accordance with BS EN 12266-1, as well as a flow limitation test, in accordance to BSRIA BTS1. 
Suitable for horizontal or vertical coil arrangements and available handed for 4 pipe systems. The Dominator Peak Pro not only saves installation time and reduces the product footprint but simplifies the ordering process, allows phased delivery direct to site if required and reduces the risk of failing joints.



•    UK Design & Manufacture
Crane Fluid Systems has a long history and rich pedigree – its origins dated back to the turn of the century when James E. Bennett established a coppersmith business in London. Today the portfolio of products and solutions has grown considerably and Crane Fluid Systems is now a leading manufacturer of HVAC valves.
The new Peak Pro PICV range is made in Great Britain – designed and developed in Ipswich and manufactured in dedicated facilities in Hitchin using high-quality precision-made DZR components
5 Step Process to Ensure Top Quality
The new Peak Pro undergoes a 5 key step process for the manufacturing build and each valve is tested in accordance with BSRIA BT S01 guidance.
1.    Assembly of shell & bonnet
2.    Assembly of diaphragm
3.    Assembly of top valve works
4.    Furness Controls Pressure Test
5.    Curtis Assemble and Test
In step 4, the Furness Controls Pressure Test is looking for any leakages utilizing a pneumatic pressure decay system. All the valves are individually pressure tested to BS EN 12266-1. 
Finally, in step 5, the PICV must undergo flow testing on a specially designed Curtis assembly & test performance rig. In the case of the PICV Peak Pro DN15 standard model, there are 14 key criteria in total which must all be passed. These tests cover verification of flow performance across differential pressure range and hysteresis check.



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