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Insulation Box For Dominator PRO ZM4000 Series

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Insulation Box For Dominator PRO ZM4000 Series

Crane Fluid Systems can supply an optional EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) insulation housing for fitting to these specific ZM41010S, ZM4101FS, ZM4301, ZM4101, CFR & Moto-Balance series Dominator units (Note: applies to sizes 15/15 only).

Features & Benefits

  • EPP has a low thermal conductivity, which means it has excellent insulation properties.
  • The insulation box has been designed to fit securely onto the Dominator Pro ZM41010S & ZM4101FS. This minimises footprint and prevents vapour ingress which could result in condensation.
  • Insulation box can be removed simply and quickly for routine maintenance, refitting the insulation kit is also straight forward.

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